My name is Stefanie - a photographer since 2012 and a Perth-based painter of light for as long as I can remember. With my loyal cameras and infinitely curious gaze, I follow the many wonders of your wedding and skilfully bring them to life. My lens acts as an extension of my imagination and a tool for my inspiration. I enjoy each day with a ‘la vita e bella’ mantra and I weave that throughout every picture I take.

I seek inspiration everywhere, but find it shining brightest in cinema, music, history, and fashion photography. My loyal sources are always nestled in the world of art. My camera is no longer a tool to capture reality, it’s a blank canvas eagerly waiting for its next masterpiece. Through my lens, I am forever searching for the harmony between refined beauty and the beautifully unexpected.

Aside from photography, I’m incredibly concerned with human justice. During a three-year wedding break, I studied International International Relations where fighting human and drug trafficking became a lifelong passion. Despite the decision to not continue this path professionally, I have continued my march against modern slavery in many other ways. I support some incredible NGO’s through my business that help free thousands of victims every year.

I’m based in Perth with my hunky and, let’s be honest, hilarious husband Zac and our golden retriever puppy, Wilma. They are the fuel to my laughter and my own crazy yet steady love in marriage acts as the battery to my soul. It’s our own story that constantly inspires me to capture the beauty of authentic love around us.

I caught the travel bug! I fell in love on my first trip overseas and have now been to 12 countries. I am excited to forever be adding more to that list. Whether you envision a big party in Greece, cozy candelit dinner, or a mountaintop elopement, I'm in! Anywhere and everywhere, no where is off limits.




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