Not many people are use to being in front of a camera and fear they're going to be awkward and weird, but I want to enjoy you working with me as much as the final images I send you. It is important that you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your day. During your portraits I will provide gentle direction so you’re not left feeling awkward and to capture you as naturally as possible. I have crafted an approach that allows you both to relax, enhancing the magic that is already between you and letting your love shine through.




The best photographs are made when people feel at ease, where they feel comfortable and understood. For much of the day I am an unobtrusive wedding guest, capturing the offbeat moments that you will cherish in the years to come. My fairly bold, fun and relaxed personality will melt the ice pretty quickly, and I thrive on connecting with your family. Expect plenty of puns, genuine smiles and wicked dance moves from me. Sense of humour is essential.

There won't be any awkward poses and extravagant setups. I maintain a balanced approach of gentle direction and watching the natural spark ignite between you to capture absolute magic.

I want these photographs to feel like they could have been taken in another era, another lifetime, or another world They are like an extension of history, a moment in time, bound together by a timeless elegance that feels intuitive whenever I look through my lens.

Elegance and romance are at the root of my foundation, from soulful storytelling to adding a dreamlike charm to everything my lens touches. My aim is to capture visual treasures that are as immortal as the stories that inspired them.

Filled with a cinematic allure that would leave Baz Luhrmann green with envy, my work is fueled by an old world quality reminiscent of a Renaissance painting. These photographs are inspired by a love for the golden age of cinema, the movie stars our grandparents grew up admiring, and the directors who sculpted history.

What you’ll get are memories made with ink that never runs dry. Beautiful, romantic, and lasting treasures that are forever yours to keep and heirlooms for your children and grandchildren. These are the tokens of your love that, just like you, will age gracefully.


1. Initial enquiry.

2. Email response within 72 hours with link to packages.

3. Choose package, place deposit + sign contract to secure wedding date.

4. After the deposit, the final balance is due 30 days before your wedding day. Custom payment plans are available.

5. Fill in questionnaire and finalise timeline for the day six weeks prior to wedding date.

6. Meet online 1-2 weeks before wedding day to get to know each other.


8. Receive sneak peeks within a week.

9. Receive full online gallery 10 weeks after wedding.

10. Album design commences for those who chose this option.




We're awkward in front of the camera, is that ok?

Can you check our timing for the day?

Nearly every couple I meet say this! But rest assured there won't be any awkward poses or extravagant setups. We maintain a balanced approach of gentle direction with letting the natural spark ignite between you to capture timeless magic. Ultimo relaxo is what we are aiming for, allowing you to enjoy your day feeling at ease. Please know that there are zero expectations on you to be or act a certain way. Every couple is different and we want to capture that unique aspect that makes you YOU.

Absolutely! Every wedding I photograph, I work with either the planner or the couple directly to make sure the schedule ensures a day that runs smoothly with plenty of time for photos, fun, and relaxing. It is important for you to know that the day has been structured in a way that ensures you don't need to worry or do anything on the day. You will receive an example timeline in your wedding guide once you book, as well as other tips and tricks. Once you have timing for your day along with the reception runsheet, we can check it together and see how photography timing will work best to cover your day.



Can we meet you?

How do we book you?

Absolutely! I like to leave this meeting until a couple of weeks before the wedding so that everything is fresh in mind and we can just get to know each other, having already sorted out timing and logistics over email beforehand. I currently only meet via online video chat or phonecall rather than in person meetings.

I don't tend to meet prior to booking as I try to reserve this short amount of available time for booked couples. However a phone call or quick zoom chat with any questions you might have is more than welcome.

Just let me know via email that you would like to book. I will send you a booking link where you can choose your package and any additional products (extra hours, albums, etc...). There is a contract attached that needs to be signed, along with a non-refundable retainer to secure your date. The remaining balance is due in full 30 days before your wedding.



How many images do you edit and how many do we receive?

How do we receive our photos?

Every image I deliver is edited, as it's part of the creative process that makes my work look the way it does.

There is no set number of final images as it depends on each wedding, but you can usually expect a minimum of 60-100 final photos per hour of coverage. I don't hold back any goodness, so if a photo is worth having, you will mighty sure have it!

Your photos are delivered in a beautiful online gallery. From there you can download both high resolution images for printing, and low resolution images optimised for social media. You can also share the gallery with your friends and family. My print store is linked in with the gallery, so you can order all of your prints and albums directly from the gallery.